Divorcing the Muffin Top

My journey in becoming healthier, happier, and fitting into smaller pants.


Hamstrings, quads, deltoids, lower abs, shins, all hurting in all the right places – all at the same time.

Legs are essentially jelly. Forget squatting, I can barely walk.

Crossfit today was nuts. But I’m feeling really good about getting back into my routine. Trying to extract pleasure from the pain. It will be worth it. I’m sure I’ll start seeing results in a few weeks. I’m starting to remember all of the lifts and exercises, and getting to know where I can push myself harder. Today, power snatches, sprinting, push presses and burpees. It’s got to all be worth a few calories burnt!? The great thing about the Crossfit gym, is that everyone is feeling the same. Pain, empowerment, and perseverance.  It’s such a great community-feel. Everyone cheers you on, helps you out and encourages.

When every single muscle in your body hurts, it really makes you aware of how much you take for granted. Walking, running, sitting, standing – I’m suddenly aware of each muscle involved in basic movements. I’ve got to fight through the pain to ensure I can get back on the horse tomorrow.

Until then, tiger balm, advil and a hot shower!



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