Divorcing the Muffin Top

My journey in becoming healthier, happier, and fitting into smaller pants.

Try..try again!

Today marked the first time I’d been to crossfit in MONTHS. To be clear, I went to crossfit a few times in September, stopped until November where I dabbled a handful of times, and again today. Needless to say, I have not been consistently working out. I suppose with the rest of the ‘new years resolutioners’ I’ve decided to haul my christmas-dinner-wearing ass back to the gym. Because Christmas dinner is about all I can wear right now…

My pants are too tight.. I finally caved and bought some new ones of a more appropriate size. 

I’ve thrown out two pairs of jeans because my thighs have rubbed away the material to nothing.

Confidence and energy are down. Feeling generally terrible. 

Time to make a change! So here I go again!

I’ve been on the treadmill three times in the last week, and crossfit today. 

Onwards and upwards!


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