Divorcing the Muffin Top

My journey in becoming healthier, happier, and fitting into smaller pants.

Calorie Counting

Until I get myself on a strict exercise regimen, I have limited my calories to 1230/day. For my body size and goal weight/date that is the recommended intake (according to my calorie counting app).

I have to say: After a few days on this new plan, I am feeling fantastic!!

I’m eating roughly 5-6, 2-300 calories meals  each day. They are small, but all healthy, (mostly) whole foods. When I have committed to exercising on a regular routine and more frequently, I will increase calories.

I’m no longer feeling bloated, I have more energy, I’m sleeping great, and overall a sense of well-being and happiness that I’ve taken these steps toward achieving my goal.

The downfall of this new meal plan: I’m not really feeling satiated. I have major cravings. I’m going to bed feeling slightly hungry. Also: the scale hasn’t changed in 3 days… I’m not quite sure why that is. I may be eating too much fruit (and therefore sugar).

Counting the calories is actually much easier than I thought it would be (its keeping to the 1230 that’s difficult!). I’m using the Starfrit Electric Kitchen Scale. Add your plate or container to the scale, zero the measurement, add food… and boom! I enter that amount to my handy calorie counting app and I’ve got a reasonable idea of what I am putting into my mouth. And gosh it certainly makes you aware that every bite, nibble and calorie ridden drink and snack really do add up. Hint to weight loss: Don’t drink your calories! Totally not worth it!!

By the way: the goal weight/date is to be down 20lbs by June 1 – LOL… we’ll see!! I have a Caribbean vacation booked for the last week of May, so basically I just want to look good in my two-piece!

Wish me luck 🙂


2 comments on “Calorie Counting

  1. Stuff My Brain Thinks
    January 30, 2014

    Awesome! It looks like you have a solid plan. You can do this.

    • crisperz
      January 30, 2014

      Thank you so much for your support!! I’m looking forward to the finish line 🙂

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