Divorcing the Muffin Top

My journey in becoming healthier, happier, and fitting into smaller pants.

My First Test

1230 calories per day ain’t easy. This is a time for me of diligent self-control and moderation. These are tough times (meal plan wise!). Last night I faced my first test. It was the first time since embarking on this goal that I’d had plans of eating at a restaurant for dinner. It was a family member’s birthday.

Normally when I go out with these particular family members, we drink copious amounts of wine, order several appetizers, and order the most delicious, delectable items on the menu. Portion control, out the window; fat grams – who cares?!  Calories… LOL. No one wants to be ‘Debbie Downer’.   So last night, was my first test. I was going to make public the fact that I WAS going to be ‘that guy’. Luckily, I have an amazing boyfriend who is going through this journey with me (we both have a bit of weight to lose), so we were in this together!

It’s been almost a week now of eating pretty much the same things, at the same times, over and over again, so I’ve kind of got a grasp on how many calories I consume per meal (and MyNetDiary certainly helps along the way). I’d checked the restaurant website beforehand, and I must say, thank goodness for the nutrition guides! They help leaps and bounds.

I’d planned out what I was going to each, accounted for my daily calories, and determined how many I would need to burn that day in order to break even. I went to the gym and hopped on the treadmill at lunch time, burned a couple hundred calories, went back to work ready to take on the rest of the day’s challenges.

When it came time for dinner, I ordered water. I selected a grilled fish option with a side of steamed vegetables. Declined the bread basket. No appetizers. And sadly no dessert. Certainly not an adventurous meal, but I felt great sticking to my goal, and even better when I entered my calories into my handy app: NO GUILT. So – this is life for the next little while. It was a tough first dinner, but even though I am going through this journey and trying to lose the weight, I don’t want to stop LIVING!

So, after thorough review of these first test results: I’d say I passed 😉


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