Divorcing the Muffin Top

My journey in becoming healthier, happier, and fitting into smaller pants.

One week in.

One week down and feeling awesome!!  New meal plan, new exercise routine, positive outlook, determined for success!

Here is my review of my first week. The things that were really hard, things that I need to continue to work on, things that I ROCKED, and my goals for the short term/following week, and ultimate goal review.


  • Cravings. I’m getting tons of them! I haven’t eaten meat in several years, but this week, for whatever reason, I found myself craving a hamburger?! I have no idea why.
  • Eating LESS calories than recommended. I’ve read that this really isn’t good for my metabolism, as my body will start going into survival mode and break down my lean muscle in addition to my fat. I need my lean muscle to continue burning calories and to get my body looking svelte for this summer!!
  • Missed a day of exercise (no cardio or crossfit) (and 2 days of crossfit) due to waaay overworking my quads early last week. I could not walk for 3 days – this includes climbing stairs, getting out of bed, using the washroom, or getting dressed. On the 3rd day, I decided to man up and took some pain killers and forced myself to the gym. (Surprisingly, after I worked out that third day, my quads felt reasonably OK the next day!)
  • Hosting a Superbowl party – although I stuck to my caloric intake goal, some of the food that I ate was less than stellar (potato skins, ½ slice of apple pie).
  • Skipped crossfit on Saturday morning because I didn’t like the look of the workout. I am not a fan of ‘partnered’ workouts. Not because I don’t like people, but because I’m weaker, slower, and more of a baby than pretty much everyone there. I don’t like feeling like I’m holding up someone who is there to really whoop-ass. I don’t feel necessary to do the ‘prescribed’ weight, because frankly – I can’t lift it! I’m concentrating more on my form, and getting a quality workout, rather than trying to rival the hulk while I’m there.


  • Weight Loss of 2.5lbs. AWESOME!!
  • Decreased inch(es) on hips, waist & thigh since the beginning of January. I took measurements at the beginning of January when I was at my highest weight. I have since dropped size in all three of those areas (some more than others) but any shrinkage is a success right now!
  • Made sure to make it to the gym on my lunch hour 3 days last week for a 30 minute treadmill session. Walking on incline at 7.0 at 3.2 speed. Enough to burn 250 calories in 30 minutes while still going back to work for the rest of the afternoon (and not needing to be hosed down)

This week’s goals:

  • Lose 2.5 more pounds. I am attending a wedding on Saturday and really, realllly want to be under a certain weight by that point. Not for any reason, other than to feel accomplished. (it’ll be too bad that after the wedding I will have gained all the lost weight back…)
  • Be active 5 days this week.
  • Increase weight lifted versus last week’s crossfit sessions.

How I plan to achieve this week’s goals: Stay on target for calories, and stick to the following schedule:

  • Monday: Crossfit
  • Tuesday: Cardio & Crossfit
  • Wednesday: Cardio
  • Thursday: Crossfit
  • Friday: Cardio
  • Saturday: Crossfit

I forsee a challenge with getting that many crossfit sessions in – simply due to the fact that I am still working on getting fit, and quite frankly, it’s not cool not being able to walk for several days on end!! I need to be able to have functioning legs in order to continue the cardio I’m doing as well!! I also am a bit worried about the wedding next Saturday. Between the food, the drinking, and the desserts and cakes, I am very, VERY, anxious, as I’m really determined to stick to my plan. I’m not sure how to enjoy the evening while still maintaining balance and control. I think I’ll have to really pay attention to what I’m eating, stop eating when full – even if there is food still on my plate, drink plenty of water, and moderate wine. I’ll have to do some research on low calorie drinks (vodka, water, bar lime?!) so that I can attend the event and still have an awesome time.

Goals: My ultimate goal is to lose 25 pounds versus my starting weight, fit into my old clothes, and look great in a bikini this summer.

I’ve had this resolution of losing weight since the end of last summer (when I realized how much I’d gained throughout the preceding months), but I feel my best motivation is when I am working toward a specific goal. In this case, a trip at the end of May to the Caribbean. It’s too bad I didn’t start this sooner as a ‘new year’s resolution’, as now I’m a month behind and have 26 days less to lose this muffin top!

Stay tuned for more progress!! (and if anyone has any suggestions on how to party low-calorie style, I’d love to hear them!)


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