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Nutritionist: First Check In

Tonight I had my first weekly check in with my nutritionist. The scale doesn’t lie and results were a success!

I lost 3 pounds this week, 2% body fat and increased my water percentage by 1%. I am thrilled with the first week’s results.

I really had kept to my plan this week, with one exception of Saturday night when I went out for dinner and thought I had made a healthy choice by ordering an herb-crusted chicken breast and didn’t realize until it arrived that “herb crusted” meant breaded. I tried to remove the breading, but I still felt really guilty. I also had two glasses of wine that night (tsk tsk…)

That being said, every other meal this week was clean. And the scale reported the same! What I’m wondering now is how much weight I lose before the nutritionist will change my macros (breakdown of carbs, protein and fat in my plan), but I’m probably jumping the gun and thinking too far ahead. Next week will likely tell more and whether or not we need to revise what I’m eating.

This week I have drank more water than ever in my life, ate more vegetables and am very happy to report that I DID NOT count calories. Because I was eating such good food, there was no need to count calories as everything I ingested was healthy, good food. It has been very refreshing not to analyze every single bite.

I am SO proud of myself after this first week with my new nutritionist and feeling very optimistic about my weight loss over the next eleven weeks. I should report (and I’m not so proud to say) that I did not visit the gym in the past week at all (tsk tsk). So this week with my meal plan paired with the gym I will anticipate some very good results.

Eleven weeks until my vacation where I hope to be 20 pounds down! I’m on my way!!


2 comments on “Nutritionist: First Check In

  1. feedmecolor
    March 3, 2014

    This is great, good for you! Keep up the good work 🙂

    • crisperz
      March 3, 2014

      Thank you so much for the support!! I am beyond excited to see progress. I must try harder this week by incorporating exercise -and I will! I’ll look forward to posting next week’s results!

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